Father Mike Schmitz


Father Michael Schmitz is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Duluth, MN, Director of Youth and the Young Adult Ministries in the Diocese of Duluth, as well as an American Catholic speaker and author. He is known for his Internet presence, especially his YouTube videos. He has been a speaker for various Catholic programming, including the Fellowship of Catholic University Students leadership summit, Ascension Press, and Steubenville conferences. Lighthouse Catholic Media publishes many of his talks. Schmitz is of Irish descent as his family comes from County Cork.

Since 2015, Father Schmitz has been the primary personality involved in Ascension Presents, with free videos offering Catholic perspectives of cultural societal issues. Schmitz's videos are posted weekly and have covered topics from Mixed Martial Arts to Batman v Superman. Beginning in 2017, these talks were also offered in audio form as podcasts.


Location and Contact Information
Duluth, Minnesota, United States

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