Saint Anne’s Shrine


Saint Anne’s Shrine is a Catholic Shrine located in Isle La Motte, Vermont

Saint Anne's Shrine is a peaceful, spiritual, and historical attraction, which has been developed and maintained for the past 100 years by the Society of Saint Edmund in Vermont's scenic Champlain Islands. Each season, thousands of religious pilgrims, vacationers and tourists visit the popular waterfront site in Isle LaMotte for devotion and recreation.​

The Shrine is situated on thirty-two acres, touching the shores of Lake Champlain, and overlooking the Adirondack Mountains. Visitors can reflect among the pine trees in the Way of the Cross. Many rustic grottos, dedicated to the Saints, dot the grounds providing areas for peace and prayer.​


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Location and Contact Information
92 St Annes Rd, Isle La Motte, Vermon, United States 5463

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