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If you are an individual only and can be associated with other sections.  This allows an individual like Father Mike Schmitz (big fan of his) to be associated with both Ascension Presents and Bulldog Catholics while still being able to list links to his own social media accounts or personal projects.

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This section is dedicated to official Catholic charities and missions only, however if you have a charity one you would like us to review that is not church approved but is Catholic based please send us an email.  Listings added to this section should refer to the actual charity or mission, individuals who work or run the charity that would like to create a separate profile are welcome to do that.  The profile can then be associated with the charity and vice versa.

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Catholic TV and Radio

This section is for TV, radio and any vocal or visual platform.  This would include a YouTube or Podcast if it features multiple media personalities.  Like all sections the individual media personalities can create a profile on their own and associate themselves with the media station.

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Catholic Retailers

This is for sellers of Catholic related items both online and in a brick and mortar location.  If your site a blog and you sell a few items on the side then you can have a separate listing here but please link directly to your storefront.

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Catholic Organizations

Anything that doesn’t fit above and is ran by more than one person goes here.  This includes website with more than one author.

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If you have any questions please contact us with the form below.  Thanks and God bless.