Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy w/ Derek Cummins

I chat with Derek Cummins about his decision between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Timestamps below.

Exodus 90:
Cross The Tiber:

00:00 Intro Start
13:14 Polar bear joke
14:24 Update about early access
14:48 Patreon subscribers get access to post-show Q&A
15:04 Exodus90 program from men and official start date
16:15 Introduction of Derek
17:09 Scope of the discussion
17:54 Derek’s Christian and Musical background
24:48 Enrols in Seminary
26:45 Wasn’t yet baptised and studying Acts 16:25-40 let to Derek’s baptism
27:14 Find’s a Church community
27:24 Non-recommended book
27:27 Start of Youth Pastor (has MA in Theological studies)
28:00 No ordination ceremony in non-denominatonal church (only certificate)
28:40 What it was like being a youth pastor
29:21 What was his opinion on Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians then
31:20 Lectio Divina
32:19 Protestant version of Eucharistic adoration
34:42 Ordinances
34:56 Why he left being a youth Pastor
36:54 Step-dads offhand comment about “we’re gonna make a Catholic out of you yet”
37:33 Fr. Boniface Hicks becomes Derek’s spiritual director (and still is 4 years later)
40:12 Holiness and preaching without words
42:34 Finding out about Greek Orthodoxy
43:06 Book ‘becoming orthodox by Fr. Peter Gillquist’
44:14 What did his wife (Becca) think of his resigning?
44:55 What was it like for his finances?
46:24 How did Derek hear about Matt Fradd?
53:46 Why does he oscillate between Eastern Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy?
54:52 What is western Orthodoxy?
58:21 Why not become Orthodox?
1:01:24 The starting point
1:03:14 The weaknesses on both sides
1:04:01 Catholic church and charity
1:06:14 One bishop per city
1:07:19 Religious group heydays
1:11:03 Similarities between Orthodoxy and Catholicism
1:13:11 Orthodox as Protestants who have the fathers and traditional liturgy?
1:14:33 Bouncing around between liberal and conservative parishes
1:17:09 Bending over backwards and stability
1:19:05 Matt Fradd’s sum up of where Derek’s at
1:21:33 Communion of Christians
1:22:40 Ultimate authority
1:24:50 Overbinding and Personal Responsibility
1:29:32 What Unity looks like in Orthodoxy (the focus on consistency)
1:31:48 Doctrinal development
1:37:16 Missionary activity
1:38:56 Feeling of being unsettled
1:46:15 Biting the bullet
1:49:26 Considerations of Family
1:51:01 Motives of Conversion (Membership vs Salvation)
1:56:00 The need for certainty in a chaotic society
1:58:31 Psychoanalysing everybody
1:59:24 Christlikeness
2:01:03 Break(music)
2:03:56 Hallow App for prayer and meditation (free month trial)
2:07:41 Caution about predictions
2:11:57 New internet rule
2:12:50 Show wrap up

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