Did Jesus Christ Bodily Resurrect from the Dead? Dr Robert M. Price VS William Albrecht

Dr. Robert Price and William Albrecht debate the resolution, Did Jesus Christ bodily resurrect from the dead.

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Opening Statements: 15 Min each
Cross Examination: 20 Min each
Audience Questions: 30 minutes
Closing Statements: 5 Min each


Dr. Robert Price is a Biblical scholar. Price is the author of a number of books on biblical studies and the historical roots of the Christian faith. He is considered a leading scholar on religions. He has participated in over 30 live and moderated debates. Price is currently the editor of the Journal of Higher Criticism. Learn more about Robert here: https://www.robertmprice.mindvendor.com/

William is an international speaker and debater and has participated in over 65 live and moderated debates. William is the author of The Definitive Guide to Solving Biblical Questions About Mary: Mary Among the Evangelists & The Secret History of Transubstantiation: Pulling Back the Veil on the Eucharist. William runs a website dedicated to the Early Church Fathers that includes unique translations, articles, commentaries, and debates on the Fathers: https://www.patristicpillars.com/

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