Moses: Heroes of the Bible Play (4th Grade)

The fourth grade class of Sacred Heart School present the story of Moses like never before – a story of deliverance, God’s mercy, and miracles.

Cast List:
Moses #1: Silas, Moses #2: James
Pharaoh: Andrew, Princess: Guadalupe, Princess’ Assistant: Kaitlin
Narrators: Anna Claire, Jordyn, Katie, Yaretzi, Emma
Moses’ Parents: Benjamin and Ella, Miriam: Josie
Egyptian soldiers: Parker and Sawyer
Hebrew women/slaves: Caroline, Anny Kayte, Evelyn
Soloists for Song: Anna Claire, Evelyn

Moses: Hero of the Bible Screenplay: Written, produced, and directed by LIHM Sisters
Instrumental music:
Costumes/Props: Property of Sacred Heart School
Mic/Equipment: LIHM Sisters
“When You Believe” Recorded by LIHM/Covered by 4th Grade Class

Watch on YouTube or visit LIHM Sisters on YouTube

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