What God “Doesn’t Know?” (a Response to Alasdair MacIntyre)

Fr. Pine presents the Theological tradition which seems to contradict points of a recent lecture given by Catholic philosophy powerhouse, Alasdair MacIntyre, that was about “the things God does not know.” Obviously the lecture was one of Metaphysical minutiae and not anything seriously or intentionally heretical, but here at Pints, Metaphysical minutiae is our bread and butter, and where there are inaccuracies in intricacies of Theology and our knowledge of higher things, you can count on Pints to be reporting from the front lines. Fr. Pine clarifies where MacIntyre may have missed the mark this time…

What do you think?

Here’s the MacIntyre lecture: https://youtu.be/YHP58hFDsRs?t=1455

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